Friday, December 31, 2010

S/mileage is Best New Artist! ... Japan Records Award

On the 52th Japan Record Awards ceremony held on the 30th at New National Theatre, female 4-member group S/mileage took the prize of Best New Artist.

They said "kyaa!" and then the four girls cried. When their name was called for "Best New Artist", all of them held each other's hands, and stood in excitement to the center of the stage. "This is thanks to the fans who gave us support, Tsunku-san and other people. We want to do our best to win Best Artist next year", leader Wada Ayaka (16), with a smile, after crying, talked about her big dreams.

Their average age is 15.3 years old. With their white mini skirts of 30 cm, they performed "Yumemiru Fifteen". Their conceit is "idol group with the short skirts in Japan". At the beginning of the show, the Korean female idol group with the same conceit, SNSD/Shoujo Jidai, was also standing in line as one of the Best New Artist nominees.

They were Eggs at Hello! Project, from where Morning Musume is. Currently, it's said that AKB48 are the #1 idols known nation-wide. S/mileage debuted on May this year, and their three singles have entered the top 10 of oricon chart. They had their first nation-wide tour on fall, and they have gained steady fans. It's been 3 years since a Japanese artist has won this award. The four of them are walking towards their big dreams, and Wada firmly said "We'll do our best as the beautiful-legged idol group with the fresh legs in Japan".

◆ S/mileage: 4-member group that belongs to Hello! Project, members are Wada Ayaka (leader, 16), Maeda Yuuka (16), Fukuda Kanon (15) and Ogawa Saki (14). Formed in April 2009. Music producer Tsunku imposed them the norm "In one month, you have to collect the photos of the smile of 10,000 people", and once they achieved that, they had their major debut with "Yumemiru Fifteen". So far, they have released three singles and one album.


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