Thursday, September 2, 2010

B.L.T. Haro Puro Maruwakari BOOK ~ 2010 Natsu ~

Q1: If you created a unit, which members would you choose and what would the name be?

Q2-1: Whose singing/voice do you admire?
Q2-2: dancing
Q2-3: talk
Q2-4: character
Q2-5: looks
Q2-6: fashion sense

Q3: Only I know that "This member may look like ○○ but in reality she's ××".

Q4: I'd like her to be my elder sister.

Q5: I'd like her to be my little sister.

Q6: It would be nice if she was my mother.

Q7: I'd like to keep her as a pet.

Q8: You must form a comedy duo with someone. Who would be your partner?

Q9: If you were male, who would you like to be your girlfriend?

Q10: If other members were male, whose girlfriend would you like to be?

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